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Our team is committed to synergize with an objective to provide our clients with prompt and sound pro-active advice on comprehensive range of international & local tax services and tax planning strategies. 

Our services include the following areas:

Personal Income Tax

Our Personal income tax services include:


•    Preparation of income tax returns and tax computations for individuals, sole-proprietorship and partnerships

•    Preparation of Individual Income Tax Returns for doctors, lawyers and commission agents

•    Tax clearance for expatriates (Form IR21)
•    Application for tax schemes - Not Ordinarily Resident scheme
•    Assistance to attending to queries from IRAS
•    Application to IRAS for voluntary disclosures of past tax errors / negligence
•    Local personal tax planning and advisory

•    Assistance to tax investigation case


Corporate Tax Singapore

Our Corporate tax services and tax plan include:


•    Preparing and filing company’s income tax computation and tax returns
•    Assisting clients with withholding tax compliance
•    Assisting clients in responding to queries raised by the IRAS
•    Reviewing corporate tax matters for due diligence purposes
•    Assisting clients with corporate tax planning locally and internationally to maximise tax efficiency
•    Applying for local tax incentives
•    Assisting client with advance tax rulings
•    Representing clients on tax objections and disputes
•    Assisting clients to voluntarily disclose errors / negligence to the IRAS
•    Assisting clients with tax investigation and/or tax audit issues

•    International tax planning

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Services

Our Goods and Services Tax Services include:


•    Application for GST registration / de-registration
•    Application for various GST relief schemes (e.g. Major Exporter Scheme (MES), Zero GST Warehouse Scheme)
•    GST health check
•    Conducting Assisted Self-help kit (ASK) review 
•    Conducting  MES audit and review for renewal of MES status
•    Assisting client to manage and respond to IRAS queries
•    Assisting clients to apply  for tax concessions
•    Assisting clients with the application for GST advance ruling
•    Making voluntary disclosure of errors to the IRAS to mitigate penalty exposures
•    Managing IRAS audits and investigations

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